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Chiropractic Techniques

Some of our techniques include:

Full Spine/ Diversified

This hands-on technique is one of the most commonly used chiropractic techniques. It entails applying a high velocity, low amplitude gentle 'thrust' by hand or with the assistance from a table to specifically restore motion in restricted joints. The goal of this technique is to realign the spine so it can optimally function.

Assisted Adjustment Techniques

Assisted techniques include those that use table drops (ie: Thompson Technique) as well as instrument adjustment techniques (ie: Activator Technique). These types of techniques are much less forceful but still able to correct the spinal subluxation and correct the biomechanical dysfunction.

CBP (Chiropractic BioPhysics)

CBP Technique focuses on achieving optimal posture and spinal alignment. Once attained, this helps improve normal ranges of motion in the body and improves musculoskeletal strength and performance. The uniqueness of CBP treatment is in structural rehabilitation of the normal spinal curvatures and correcting postural deviations.

Cox-Flexion / Lumbar Decompression

A specific table utilized to axially distract and traction the lumbar spine followed by flexing it to help resolve pain from disc and joint problems painlessly. It is a powerfully effective, conservative approach for the treatment of low back and leg pain, and a great alternative to explore before recommending low back surgery. It is a highly researched technique utilized to relieve lower back pain, sciatica and many other spinal related conditions such as disc herniations and spinal stenosis.

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