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he term chiropractic comes from Greek roots and means “practice done with the hands.” Ancient texts abound with references to this form of therapy, which probably dates back to many ancient civilizations throughout not only Greece, but also China and Egypt. It endured until the 19th century, when health practitioners began to discover the same links between general health, the nervous system and the integrity of the spine.

Developed over 50 years ago by Dr. J. Clay Thompson, the Thompson technique uses a specially designed table, which has several segments, known as drop pieces. The segments can be adjusted upwards by a specific height and depth, so that during chiropractic therapy, when pressure is applied, the table will help assist with the adjustment by gently dropping downwards, allowing the opening of your joints. The drop pieces facilitate the manipulation while also minimizing the force needed to make an adjustment.

Benefits of the Thompson Technique

  • improved flexibility

  • increased strength

  • improved posture

  • improved resilience to injury

  • increased relaxation

  • improved sleep patterns

  • increased tolerance to stress

  • pain relief

  • improved overall health

Chiropractic therapy offers an alternative treatment for a wide range of health conditions. Qualified practitioners use safe and gentle techniques to manipulate your vertebrae and relieve your suffering. Chiropractic therapy doesn’t just treat the symptoms; it helps your body return to its natural, self-healing state.

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