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Cox-Flexion Extension




The Cox cervical flexion technique, also known as flexion-distraction, was developed by Dr. James M. Cox almost half a century ago. It is a suitable treatment for anyone who is suffering from:

  • pinched nerves

  • bulging discs

  • damaged discs

  • spinal injuries

  • degenerative spinal conditions

The spine is made up of vertebrae, which in turn are connected by small joints known as facet joints. These allow the spine a free range of movement while simultaneously supporting the weight of your body. Between each vertebra sits a fluid filled sac, known as a disc. The discs maintain spacing between the vertebrae, preventing them from rubbing together. They also absorb impact. A number of conditions can affect the natural alignment of the spine resulting in compression of the discs, muscle weakness and severe pain.

Cox flexion is a gentle technique that combines chiropractic with osteopathy to provide pain relief. It works by decompressing the spine through the application of gentle stretching to the lower back. It is performed on a specially designed table with moving parts allowing the separation of different parts of the spine and realignment of the vertebrae. The beneficial effects include:

  • widening of the spinal canal

  • reduction of pressure within the disc

  • increased range of motions in joints, arms and legs

  • improvement of posture

  • relief of pressure on the spinal nerves

  • improvement of circulation

  • improvement of communication between nerves

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